145. Dan Uyemura | Push Press inc.

145. Dan Uyemura | Push Press inc.

On today’s episode, Jason Chat with Dan Uyemura owner, and one of the three founders of Push Press inc. Dan’s background is computer software ing. By having a computer/desk job, dan admits that it caused him to put on weight which leads him to Crossfit. After taking his L-1 and opening the gym, he realised that the CrossFit space was in need software was user-friendly and didn’t create more work for the owner. Being a box owner, Dan used everything he knew about running a box and what is needed from the software to create something that can help people. 


(01:27) Background 
(05:05) Programming world coming together with Crossfit.
(06:25) Things that use annoy about your old bosses, that you now do?
(08:15) The tipping point for Push Press inc?
(10:23) What the software actually need
(11:09) How Push Press is Different?
(14:59) Letting coaches coach
(17:16) Push Press professionalizing the gym space 
(19:56) Running a gym as Business, not just Hobby
(20:56) Switching to Push Press 

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