149. Rope Climbs

149. Rope Climbs

On today’s episode, Ackerman and Fern break down the rope climb. They discuss how to coach the different methods, cue’s and progressions. Along with they talk about it is it worth doing it at your box, how to avoid juries, best practice around them. And do rope climbs have a crossover in real life? They cover this and much more.  Let us know if you like these podcasts on the movements. 

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(4:58) The practicality of the rope climb at the box level
(6:21) Blackbox Theory
(8:14) The S or J method
(10:20) Min requirement
(13:39) How to coach the rope climb, progression, and building on it
(17:25) Knees to elbows
(18:53) Having a skill at any capacity – Tommy V
(21:09) Rope climbs has made the most progress? 
(26:14) Rope Climb faults
(28:43) Ropes are gross
(30:32) Think so look at as a coach.

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