152. Medicine Ball Clean

152. Medicine Ball Clean

Today is just what you guys asked for! Another movement episode. Ackerman and Fern break down the Med Ball Clean. It’s one of the most undervalued and underutilized movements. Even though it’s one of the nine functional movements and it’s given a lot of time during the Level 1 seminar. Ackerman and Fern break it down, by the progressions, major faults and cues. They talk about the transfer of skill between med ball clean and how it’s one of the most soul-destroying within a workout. And there’s even a little challenge for you guys at the end of the podcast. 


(3:46) Why people hate the med ball clean
(5:44) Why the med ball clean help withs the barbell
(7:11) “Just give me some weight and I can do this right”- Ferns respond to this comment 
(9:32) First thoughts on the Med Ball Clean 
(12:35) Easier to develop a movement pattern
(14:06) Specific progression – Deadlift, Deadlift + Shrug, Front Squat, Shrug + Pull Under, Full movement.
(20:46) Ackerman’s mix up on this level 2
(23:35) Major Faults 
(25:21) PVC pipe drill for the Medball clean
(27:06) Favourite Cues
(32:28) Athletes not listening
(37:21) Advice
(40:41) Ackerman’s Challenge 

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