56. Judging at the CrossFit Games

Fern and Ackerman just got home after judging the individuals at the 2019 CrossFit Games. In this episode, Jason sits down with his wife Roz as she asks him all about what goes down behind the scenes.

54. Marcus Filly | Committed to changing how people view fitness and themselves

Marcus Filly has smoothly made the transition from CrossFit Games athlete to a leader in the functional bodybuilding world. But don’t write him off just yet from ever stepping onto the CrossFit competition floor.

53. Q + A | with guests Austin Malleolo + Denise Thomas

In today’s episode we answer your questions. Fern sat down with special guests Austin Malleolo and Denise Thomas questions submitted by you, our listeners.

52. Stuart Brauer | WTF???

Stu Brauer is the owner of Urbn Mvmnt in Charlotte, NC, the WTF Gym Talk podcast and brand, and is a content machine. He also has a youtube channel and Vlog as well as a brand new online university for gym owners, Microgym University.

51. Todd Widman | Leadership has to be selfless and genuine

Todd Widman got hooked on CrossFit when he was a captain in the Marine Corps. As a flowmaster on CrossFit’s Seminar Staff, he says he finds his job highly rewarding. Likewise, he encourages everyone in the community to give coaching a try before shouldering the responsibility of owning an affiliate.

50. North Naples CrossFit | Matt Torres + Dario Aviles

Matt Torres and Dario Aviles opened the doors of North Naples CrossFit in 2013. What was done out of a passion for fitness quickly turned into a real business that forced these two valet parking attendants to quickly learn and adapt. It’s amazing to see two childhood friends create something that has helped hundred of Naples locals improve their health and well-being. Listen in as we discuss how it all began, mistakes they’ve made along the way, and what they do every day to make sure they are doing their best for the box.

49. Mistakes we’ve Made

Together Fern and Ackerman have owned seven gyms, coached tens of thousands of members, and have been hitting CrossFit workouts for over 25 years. To say they have made a few mistakes would be a significant understatement…they’ve f*cked up dozens and dozens of times. However, they have learned from all of these mistakes and you can too. In today’s episode we discuss our top mistakes and what we learned from them.

48. Pamela Gagnon | How to improve your gymnastics for CrossFit

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pamela, she is a lead instructor of The Gymnastics Course (formerly CrossFit Gymnastics), a former collegiate gymnast at Rutgers, a 3 time CrossFit Games athlete and 6 times regionals athlete. Basically she knows more about bodyweight movements than 99% of the world.

47. Brian Chontosh | Becoming a leader

Brian Chontosh is a retired Marine officer who was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroic actions in Iraq. Tosh is also one hell of a coach. Brian is a L4 CrossFit coach and part of the CrossFit seminar staff. Listen in as he talks about leadership, challenging yourself, and improving your mindset.

46. Preparing for your L2 Seminar

Whether you are getting ready to take your L2, already have, or never will, this episode will make you a better coach. Fern and Ackerman discuss the six criteria for being an effective coach and give actionable steps to improve in all areas.