3. Austin Malleolo | Building a Great Team

In this episode Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) interview long-time friend Austin Malleolo (@amalleolo) . Not only have has Austin gone to the games eight-times, six as part of the Reebok Crossfit One. He is also a long-time member of seminar staff, a Flow Master and as well as being part of the small group of Level – 4 coaches. Austin is considered to be one of the best coaches out there.

2. The Whiteboard Brief

On this episode, both hosts Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3) discuss what they view as one of the most overlooked parts of the class, at the start of with the white broad. It's important because it allows for a lot of problems in classes like push back, or miss scaling solved.  "It's your job as a coach is…

1. CrossFit.com | Should you be following it?

On this podcast, Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) interviews long-time friend James McDermott (@jamesamcdermott) who has an Exercise Science Degree on about how he has successfully implemented CrossFit.com programming into Albany CrossFit, for over 300 members.  James is a multi-book author, L2 CrossFit Trainer, and head coach at Albany CrossFit.  James discusses how he uses .com programming at the box and why…

Intro Episode | Meet Ackerman and Fern

In this introductory episode, hosts Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3) dive into the concept of what makes a successful CrossFit affiliate. We have all heard of modal domains as it relates to fitness but what about how it relates to your business? Jason and Fern give a quick breakdown of finances, marketing, and coaching and give insight into…