5. Developing an Intern Program at your Affiliate

In this episode, Jason Ackerman chats with James McDermott, head coach at Crossfit Albany, about his Internship program. They discuss how it has developed in the current eight-week program; how and what information James give to the interns capped at 8. They both share their experiences with interning and touch on the topic about how hard it is to bring…

4. Scaling | Preserve the Intended Stimulus

On this episode, both host Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3)discuss how to scale effectively, the common mistakes that everyone makes when scaling for athletes. Along with the less talked about “scaling up” or Rx plus.

3. Austin Malleolo | Building a Great Team

In this episode Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) interview long-time friend Austin Malleolo (@amalleolo) . Not only have has Austin gone to the games eight-times, six as part of the Reebok Crossfit One. He is also a long-time member of seminar staff, a Flow Master and as well as being part of the small group of Level – 4 coaches. Austin is considered to be one of the best coaches out there.

2. The Whiteboard Brief

On this episode, both hosts Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3) discuss what they view as one of the most overlooked parts of the class, at the start of with the white broad. It's important because it allows for a lot of problems in classes like push back, or miss scaling solved.  "It's your job as a coach is…

1. CrossFit.com | Should you be following it?

On this podcast, Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) interviews long-time friend James McDermott (@jamesamcdermott) who has an Exercise Science Degree on about how he has successfully implemented CrossFit.com programming into Albany CrossFit, for over 300 members.  James is a multi-book author, L2 CrossFit Trainer, and head coach at Albany CrossFit.  James discusses how he uses .com programming at the box and why…

Intro Episode | Meet Ackerman and Fern

In this introductory episode, hosts Jason Ackerman (@thejasonackerman) and Jason Fernandez (@jfern3) dive into the concept of what makes a successful CrossFit affiliate. We have all heard of modal domains as it relates to fitness but what about how it relates to your business? Jason and Fern give a quick breakdown of finances, marketing, and coaching and give insight into…