125. Justin Zizumbo | From coach to owner

https://www.instagram.com/p/BxSxXzBhHP8/ On today’s episode Fern chats with his good friends Justin Zizumbo, owner of Crossfit New Life. They talk about, the importance of scale and how Justin has constantly worked with non-profit, with athletes in recovery. Along with Justin being a listener, he’s part of the mentorship group he discusses how that helped him progressed as a coach. He’s recently…

124. Joe DeGain | 810 CrossFit

https://www.instagram.com/p/B4-8ZP5gFjs/ On today’s episode Fern chats with Joe DeGain, a long-time member of the CrossFit Seminar Staff. Joes also the owner of 810 Crossfit, in Michigan. They go deep down that rabbit hole of Affiliate ownership. Joes has been on staff for 11 years and 8 years of those were as a Flowmaster, he works on the Level 1, 2…

117. Brian Stites | Should he be de-affiliated?

Today Listeners, Jason Ackerman is sitting down with Brian Stites. Don't recognise the name? You might have heard the story about him, as we've defiantly talked about him a few episodes ago. Brian is the person who wrote in the private ‘Affiliate Owners” Facebook group exampled how he was frustrated by the change that has taken place in the last…

112. Jeremy Augusta | Barbell Jobs

https://www.instagram.com/p/B4N4b6WgbMR/ On today episode Fern sits down with Jeremy Augusta,  Barbell Jobs creator. Jeremy saw that there was no means for coaches to network and look for work in the CrossFit/micro gym space. They discuss job hunting, gym purchases, resumes and what coaches should be doing to make themselves more desirable on paper when looking for job opportunities. Also what…

102. Maggie Tincher | CrossFit Reston

In today episode Fern chats with Maggie Tincher. Maggie is a long-time member of Semair Staff, a level 4 Coach, former firefighter and owns two Affiliates: CrossFit Fairfax and CrossFit Reston. She’s been running an affiliate for 13 years plus, that incredible. This a just a shortlist of Maggie’s accomplishments. She’s also been mentoring Fern. See even host need mentoring and help! – This is a great episode for anyone who wants to be a long-time coach and whats to have affiliate open for 13 years. Honestly, she really is the boss lady. Maggie. is really that much of a badass.

99. Stuart Brauer | Guess who’s back

In this episode, Fern chats with for the Stu Brauer, who has been mentioned numerous times in different episodes by many guests. This is Stu second time being on the podcast first was with Jason. This time they look at the issue facing gym owners how do you get more athletes in the box? And how it may look like the company have the magical recipe to get those people through your door with click funnels course etc does it really works? And if so could you handle the demand? On the other hand, if you don’t want to use these programmes or business to get people thought the door, with facebook and Instagram algorithm can you really push out content and it is being seen? – these question and much more is covered.