118. Dr. Nathan Jenkins | The Game Changers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSpglxHTJVM On today’s show, Ackerman welcomes back Dr Nathan Jenkins, who you guys the listeners loved last time. On this episode, they will be talking about the new Netflix documentary Gamechangers, which states that you don’t need plate base t was Executive produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan, which are some big names when it comes to…

114. Matt Miller | CrossFit and Mental Health

In this episode Fern and Matt Miller discuss what the mental health field has to offer coaches and box owners.  As Affiliate begins to broaden our outreach to try to work with the "underserved" populations it is important for coaches to be able to meet those clients wherever they are in that journey.  How we speak to people and the…

101. Dr. Nathan Jenkins | CrossFit Health

In this episode, Fern sits down with Dr Nathan Jenkins. Dr Jenkins is a tenured professor of exercise physiology at the University of Georgia. He conducts research and teaches courses on exercise, obesity and cardiometabolic disease. He’s been researching for 10 years how to prevent and treatment pf Chronic Disease.; along with his training was in exercise physiology in vascular biology. With a post-doc work in vascular cell biology. He began CrossFit in January 2015 and obtained a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer credential in 2017. So you can bet that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to complex issues. Along with he’s working Crossfit to push forward Crossfit Health and bridge the gaps between the two fields.

92. Dr. Shakha and Dr. Scott | CrossFit Health

In this episode, Fern sits down with Dr Shakha and Dr Scott, who are both involved in the Crossfit Health scene. Dr Scott is an anesthesiologist, Dr Shakha is Coach Glassman’s children paediatrician. They discuss how Crossfit moving forward in the greater community, chronic disease and how to navigate that when it walks into your gym, what really is Glassman problem with Coke- Cola, and how when it comes to chronic disease medicine don’t curse they simply slow down the decay.

81. Amy West, MD | CrossFit Health

In this episode, Jason Ackerman sits down with Amy West MD. Amy is truly amazing human being who is working with Crossfit and Crossfit health to make people healthier. She found earlier on the push back from her co-workers by saying this like “CrossFit is bad” “crossfit will injure you” to lessen 10 years on from when she first start and see this more neutral stance which is a good thing. They discuss the influences on the medical industry which are creating this problem. Along with the ideas, Greg Glassman have been pushing most in most recent years.