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We understand the challenges of building a world class business.  These tools below were designed and created to equip you with the resources you need to get things done, move a few steps forward, and help you build positive momentum in your business...whether you're a seasoned gym owner or just getting started.

Affiliate Health Assessment

What if you could pinpoint EXACTLY where to focus your time and energy for maximum impact? Spoiler alert: You CAN. We’ve cracked the code.

You know how to make people fit. Now, let’s use that same knowledge to run your business. The 10 General Physical Skills in CrossFit mirror the key elements of a thriving Affiliate. Think of your gym's operations as cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, and flexibility. We call them the 10 General Affiliate Skills. Balance these, and BOOM—your gym skyrockets.

Here’s what you need to do: STOP GUESSING. Take FIVE MINUTES to fill out the questionnaire at the link below. We'll send you a custom roadmap pinpointing your biggest opportunities for growth.

Assess Your Affiliate In 5 Minutes

Affiliate University

We know there is a lot of business advice out there from people who want you to change who you are.

Not us. We want the exact opposite.

We know the success you can have by leaning into the CrossFit methodology and applying it to your business - because we’re Affiliate Owners who have proven it ourselves.

Affiliate University is a business mentorship program that educates and unifies Affiliate Owners and Coaches on a shared mission - evolving your box into a business your entire team can be proud of.

If you're serious, we're serious about working with you to build the Affiliate you and your members deserve.

50 CEUs awarded upon initial coursework completion.

Take Your Affiliate To The Next Level

180 Day Client Journey

This done-for-you client tracker will help you ensure your new members stick and stay.

The 180 Day Client Journey lays out all the touch points a new member should experience to get integrated into your community, to see amazing results, and become a raving fan.

Access the 180 Day Client Journey to grow your gym by boosting your retention!

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Member Win-Back Campaign

It's easier and less expensive to keep current clients than to attract a new one, but it's ALSO EASIER to win back former clients.

This is a done-for-you email campaign that makes it easy to reach out to former clients and get back into your Affiliate.

This is your chance to wow them, show them the changes you've made, and to remind them how awesome it is throw down in class with their friends.

Tweak this to be in your own tone and edit any dates to be accurate for you.

Go Get Those Members Back

Time Management Mastery

Building your business requires you to know where spend your time to maximze growth.

Most Affiliate Owners get caught spending the majority of their time putting out fires, drowning in busy work, and missing the key tasks that will drive their business forward.

Learn how to make time to work on the business by discovering the secrets to time management.

This series will provide you with practical strategies to master your schedule, prioritize effectively, and take control of your time

Take Control of Your Time

The World Class Coach Evaluation

After you and your team have met to define what you want the ideal class experience to be at your Affiliate and everyone is clear on the expectations, the next step is to implement that standard and perform routine evaluations of your staff.

Those evaluations, based on your own ideal class experience, need to be very binary -- either something happened or it didn't. No maybes. No gray area. Clarity is kindness.

This downloadable scorecard is a jumping off point for you to customize and make your own. Use it in the practice of holding the standard you have created for your Affiliate and giving quality feedback to your Coaches.

Hold Your Standard

The Perfect Bring A Friend Week

Our proven system to get new members in your gym without spending a dime or wasting time.

We give you a step-by-step breakdown with turn-key checklists that lay out the process from prep to launch to close and follow-up.

All you have to do is follow the plan and prepare for a super fun week with new members joining your community!

Get New Members Now

The Knowledge

Over the years, we've tried, failed, explored, and discovered the habits that make a Coach truly great on the floor. With The Knowledge, we've compiled them in an on-demand style delivery system so that you can model, mimic, and study the skill-sets of world-class Coaches -- anytime, anywhere.

Inside The Knowledge, you'll find progressions, scaling tips, coaching theory, full class reviews, and q&a all laid out for you in a simple way that is designed to help you level up your coaching.

So if you're into being a better Coach and providing the best for your athletes, The Knowledge is the tool you need.

 7-Day Free Trial Available

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