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  • In this episode, Fern sits down with Founder and CEO of O2 Recovery Dave Colina to discuss what they are doing to help the CrossFit affiliates around the globe. Dave got his start in the corporate world before spending some time starting up charter schools and then found himself making recovery drink concoctions with his partner and delivering them to boxes all over.  O2 is a business born from the CrossFit space and doing what they can to give back to those that have supported them in their journey.
  • Joe Westerlin is one of the best dudes you might not know.  He's been a part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff for over 10 years, was the founder of CrossFit Omaha, is the main flowmaster for the CrossFit MD-L1 seminars, and is an amazing husband and father.
  • Fern and Ackerman have been getting a lot of requests to "guest coach" and talk to the members of affiliates.  Recently, Ackerman led a nutrition talk for the members of CrossFit Indestri, Watchtower, and Neuse River.  In it, he discusses, how to start with macros, small wins during this quarantine, intermittent fasting, and more.
  • Fern Sits down the CEO and founder of Born Primitive to discuss their "Back the Gyms Stimulus" and what they are doing to support the community that has supported them and sparked their growth from packing boxes in the garage to becoming a household name in the CrossFit community.  Born Primitive is donating 50% of their profits for all sales through April 5th directly back to affiliates and gyms in the community.  Find your affiliate or gym and enter their unique promo code and help gyms get through these hard financial times.
  • Gym owners. You need to create tons of content in this time.  Even an idiot like @jfern can learn to shoot and edit video like this in a day with enough wine 🍷. Get help from your members and don’t go all virtual.  Use this time to hone your skills and try to practice full scale production.  This is a skill that doesn’t take as long as people think to learn the basics (thanks YouTube) the stuff you make now can be used for a long time. 
If you want to follow @crossfitrife to see how they will be working on this stuff and improving it you can get some ideas that you can steal and repurpose.
  • So you’re not gonna run class on time? Is that what you’re trying to say? @theoriginaljohnnyp